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Training and Mentoring

For firms embarking on FpML for the first time, Global Electronic Markets offers a variety of training and mentoring services. These include:

  • Training sessions on FpML and applying it, on topics such as:
    • Overview of the language
    • Products coverage - interest rate, FX, credit, and equity derivatives
    • Messaging architecture
    • Processing FpML - Validation, Matching, Language Interfaces
    • Extending FpML
    • Current progress and future directions
  • Individual and small team review sessions focusing on topics of interest to the client
  • Advice and feedback on FpML-based solutions developed by clients.
  • Facilitation of design sessions.

GEM can offer industry-leading expertise with presenting information about FpML. Brian Lynn has presented on FpML to thousands of people at dozens of sessions. We've facilitated numerous requirements definition sessions focusing on FpML-based standards. We've also worked hands-on with FpML in a wide variety of environments for a variety of applications, so we will usually be familiar with the specific issues that you are facing.

Recent Engagements

Following are some recent engagements that we have undertaken that involved work in this area.

  • We delivered an advance FpML training class to several clients, and provided additional mentoring assistance.
  • We developed an intensive training program for a client on OTC derivatives and their relation to FpML.
  • We advised a client on developing reports and analyses based on FpML.
  • We developed a day-long introduction to FpML course for a derivatives industry client. The course covers most aspects of the standard.

Top Headlines
Sept, 2011 - GEM and Sapient Ally

GEM and Sapient have allied. See Partners for more information.

Sept, 2011 - GEM publishes an overview to financial reform acronyms

GEM has published a diagram and description of key acronyms related to financial regulatory reform, and how these relate to FpML. See Acronyms for more information .

July, 2011 - FpML 5.2 WD#2 Includes GEM Contributions

FpML 5.2 focuses on clearing and public price reporting enahancements. GEM's Brian Lynn chairs the FpML Reporting and Business Process Working Groups, which are charged with key aspects of FpML's response to Dodd-Frank regulations. See People for more information about Brian.

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