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GEM Extractor - Document Parsing and Format Translation


FpML-based standards can be very powerful, with wide and deep product coverage. Sometimes, however, working with this data is difficult for legacy systems and technologies. For these cases, GEM provide the GEM Extractor to extract key business data from FpML/DSWG format files. The extractor takes DSWG-format input files and extracts flat, comma-separated-value files for each different product covered in the specification.


  • Configurable metadata files for specifying fields to be extracted using XPath expressions.
  • Multi-product support .Currently approximately 10-15 products are supported, depending on counting method. This covers all DSWG 1.1.1 products, which covers most common OTC derivative products.

Top Headlines
Sept, 2011 - GEM and Sapient Ally

GEM and Sapient have allied. See Partners for more information.

Sept, 2011 - GEM publishes an overview to financial reform acronyms

GEM has published a diagram and description of key acronyms related to financial regulatory reform, and how these relate to FpML. See Acronyms for more information .

July, 2011 - FpML 5.2 WD#2 Includes GEM Contributions

FpML 5.2 focuses on clearing and public price reporting enahancements. GEM's Brian Lynn chairs the FpML Reporting and Business Process Working Groups, which are charged with key aspects of FpML's response to Dodd-Frank regulations. See People for more information about Brian.

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