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Advisory and Management Consulting

Advisory and Management Consulting

Brian Lynn can draw on nearly two decades of technology management, of which the past 9 have been on Wall Street. Mr. Lynn has led teams of over 40 people and managed annual budgets of over $25MM to solve business problems and deliver solutions in industries including telecommunications, transportation, and power generation, as well as financial services.

Through Global Electronic Markets, Mr. Lynn can provide targeted technology management consulting services, primarily in areas relating to the adoption of FpML, as well as other financial XML development efforts. Some of the area where Mr. Lynn can advise include:

  • Technology Strategy
  • Project reviews
  • Technology Assessments
  • Standards Development and Adoption
  • Project planning
  • QA processes

Recent Engagements

Following are some recent engagements that we have undertaken that involved work in this area.

  • We advised a software platform vendor on market strategies for entering the FpML products marketplace.
  • We advised a service provider entering the derivatives marketplace on competitive FpML offerings and their possible responses.

Please contact consulting@global-emarkets.com for more information.

Top Headlines
Sept, 2011 - GEM and Sapient Ally

GEM and Sapient have allied. See Partners for more information.

Sept, 2011 - GEM publishes an overview to financial reform acronyms

GEM has published a diagram and description of key acronyms related to financial regulatory reform, and how these relate to FpML. See Acronyms for more information .

July, 2011 - FpML 5.2 WD#2 Includes GEM Contributions

FpML 5.2 focuses on clearing and public price reporting enahancements. GEM's Brian Lynn chairs the FpML Reporting and Business Process Working Groups, which are charged with key aspects of FpML's response to Dodd-Frank regulations. See People for more information about Brian.

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