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GemScribe™ - Viewing and Editing


The GemScribe FpML viewing/editing suite allows people to display and modify FpML documents easily using standard web browser forms.

Screen shot of the ISDA version of GemScribe


GemScribe is a Microsoft Internet Explorer-based application. It uses Microsoft XSL to display documents and HTML forms and Javascript functions for editing them. It requires little or no installation for IE 6.0 users; it is also compatible with IE 5.x with the installation of a free upgrade to MSXML.

Please see the Gem Demo Site for an online demonstration of GemScribe.


  • Flexible and powerful displays focused on real FpML examples, including ones drawn from the FpML standard specifications.
  • Use of standard editing controls such as drop down lists to select values from lists, check boxes for turning features on/off, and radio buttons for selecting from predefined alternatives.
  • Outline-based display for quick navigation.
  • Ability to load and display FpML documents from the Windows file system or from web (HTTP) servers.
  • Ability to write FpML documents to the Windows file system or web (HTTP) servers.
  • Customizable appearance using high-level templates
  • Can be linked into browser-based applications.


  • Internet Explorer 5+, MS XSLT 3.0+, Javascript


  • Creating sample documents to test new FpML applications
  • Displaying test documents created by new FpML applications.
  • Displaying FpML documents supplied by counterparties, brokers, or external trading platforms
  • As part of a web-browser based trade capture system.
  • As a base for other trade displays, such as trade differences, pricing or hedging displays, etc.

Quality Assurance

  • Key risk areas are tested using automatic regression testing scripts. For example, FpML examples are translated to HTML for display and this is regression tested using automated processes.
  • A QA and beta release process is followed for new versions of the software.
  • An internet-based defect reporting and tracking system is provided.

Status and Plan

  • Selected by ISDA, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, to be the basis of an FpML editor to be distributed to its members.
  • Version 3.0, to be released in October 2005, covers all products in FpML version 4.2, including:
    • Interest Rate Swaps and FRAs
    • IR Options (swaps, caps/floors, plus swap break clauses)
    • FX forwards, swaps, and options
    • Term deposits
    • Credit Default Swaps
    • Equity options
    • Equity swaps
  • A version suporting Data Standards Working Group (DSWG) position reports is currently in test and will be available shortly


  • For the ISDA version, please contact ISDA. It is available for free to ISDA members and at a moderate cost to non-ISDA members.
  • Please ask about customized versions of GemScribe, for example to act as a front end for a trade entry system or service.